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Fueling a cleaner future

Our rapidly growing, moving world is on the cusp of an energy revolution.

As a global producer and distributor of methanol solutions, we play an essential role in powering industries today and fuelling a cleaner future tomorrow.

As a highly efficient clean fuel and hydrogen carrier, methanol is a versatile and effective product for industries like shipping, construction and transport to move away from carbon-intensive energy sources and take big leaps toward their environmental goals.

As the first commercial platform to provide customers with low-carbon hydrogen-based fuel products, OCI Hyfuels can help our customers transition from carbon-intensive energy sources and meet regulatory requirements through our world-leading cleaner products and real-world solutions.

Together, we are realizing a cleaner future sooner.

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Our Solutions

Our methanol portfolio includes methanol, renewable and low carbon methanol, bio-methanol, ethanol, alcohol blends, bio-MTBE, and other bio-fuels.


Learn more about our methanol and fuel solutions for road, marine, and industrial applications

Road fuels

Renewable and low carbon methanol and fuel solutions are key to lowering emissions from diesel engines.

When used as a fuel, low carbon methanol provides a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions versus petrol or diesel, which means it is an excellent hydrogen fuel to meet renewable fuel standards. Low carbon methanol is an advanced second-generation biofuel that is produced using bio-waste, meaning it not only reduces our own consumption of natural gas, but also provides an outlet for waste that would otherwise emit methane, which represents 16% of global GHG emissions and traps ~36 times more heat in the atmosphere than CO2 over 100 years.

Marine fuels

Ammonia and methanol are the only practical alternatives for long-distance shipping. Both fuels, even without the implementation of decarbonization technologies, already have a lower environmental footprint compared to conventional fuels, and using renewable or low carbon ammonia and methanol to fuel a vessel would result significantly cleaner ships.

We are working to make this a reality, encouraging the growth of low carbon fuels in shipping, from developing a network of supply points, procedures for safe operations, and industry certification, to fostering partnerships to build and operate methanol and ammonia fueled vessels.

Industrial feedstocks

Our products crucially sit at the beginning of a variety of value chains, from textiles, to plastics, healthcare, cosmetics, electronics, construction, wood treatment, and the automotive industry. As we decarbonize, we can also reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and those of their end-products, and can also significantly reduce embedded emissions in an end product.

Hydrogen carriers

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, and our key products, ammonia and methanol, are the keys to unlocking its potential. Ammonia and methanol are essential to decarbonizing industry, food, and transport faster, and realizing a cleaner future sooner.

Safety, Product & Data Sheets

Safety, Product & Data Sheets

Our global product stewardship program ensures materials are safely manufactured, handled, stored, and distributed.

Safety and product information

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