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Feeding and fuelling the future

Supporting food and energy security through our nitrogen solutions

As a leading producer and distributor of ammonia, fertilizers and nitrogen solutions, we play an essential role in supporting food security today and powering a cleaner future tomorrow.

As a highly efficient clean fuel, hydrogen carrier, and nutrient, ammonia is a versatile and effective product for industries like agriculture, transport, and manufacturing. OCI’s low carbon nitrogen products can help our customers transition from carbon-intensive energy sources and take big leaps towards their environmental goals. We support customers with world-leading cleaner products and real-world solutions to decarbonize their business.

Together, we are realizing a cleaner future sooner.

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Our Solutions

Our nitrogen portfolio includes ammonia, urea, urea ammonium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, diesel exhaust fluid, and other nitrogen products.


Learn more about our nitrogen solutions for agriculture, transport, and industrial applications

Agriculture solutions

Our nitrogen fertilizers and crop nutrition products provide an efficient source of nitrogen, the key nutrient for crop growth and development, so our customers can achieve optimal yields, reduce soil nutrient loss and improve soil quality, and reduce the need for new farmland. Our low-carbon products, such as our blue and green nitrogen fertilizers, mean our products have lower greenhouse gas emissions versus conventional products.

Transportation solutions

Our products provide solutions to power a cleaner future. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue®, lowers harmful vehicle exhaust emissions from diesel engines, with the added advantage of improving vehicle fuel economy by approximately 5% and using diesel fuel more efficiently.

Industrial feedstocks

Our products crucially sit at the beginning of a variety of value chains, from textiles, to plastics, healthcare, cosmetics, electronics, construction, wood treatment, and the automotive industry. As we decarbonize, we can also reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and those of their end-products.

Hydrogen carriers

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future, and our key products, ammonia and methanol, are the keys to unlocking its potential. Ammonia and methanol are essential to decarbonizing industry, food, and transport faster, and realizing a cleaner future sooner.

Safety, Product & Data Sheets

Our global product stewardship program ensures materials are safely manufactured, handled, stored, and distributed.

Safety and product information

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